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A Personal Commentary

As I began my review of this product, it dawned on me that sad but true – the majority of us find ourselves living lives of unfulfilled aspirations that we honestly feel we could accomplish if things would just take a different turn.

Perhaps you are in that number that has experienced this feeling – I realized in going through this review that I have.

And even sadder, many of us have accomplished little of what we aspired to over the years and for many time is no longer our ally. There remains this “bucket list” of  what we want and need to accomplish; however, we often times feel exhausted, stressed and plain ole stuck.

The fact of the matter is we the people all too often, knowingly or unknowingly, fall into patterns of what The Abundance Code refers to as “lack of abundance”.

Let’s dig a little deeper.The Abundance Code

Lack of Abundance Translated

It is said that all of us as Children of God have been given the ability to achieve abundance in all areas of our lives – from career to financial, health, relationships and so on.

Yet, we often sabotage our own happiness by what this Course refers to as “a lack of abundance-mentality take over”.

So the question asked throughout The Abundance Code Course is – what’s really holding us back from manifesting what we truly desire?

And the answers given are these:

  • We stay in a state of lack because it solves a problem
  • We continue in this state of lack – this state of being broke – because it protects us from our fears, and surprisingly, this turns out to be more important than attracting the things we truly desire and DESERVE.
  • We would rather delay asking for a raise because we’re afraid of facing rejection.
  • We would rather delay pursuing a business idea because we’re afraid of facing criticism.

According to The Abundance Code author, Mike Evans, being broke protects us from criticism, judgment, possible failure, or even from success. Being in a state of lack of abundance keeps us safe from our fears.

Interesting, let’s dig deeper.

Who Is Mike Evans and What Is His Abundance Code All AboutThe Abundance Code

Mike Evan’s has a long and impressive list of credentials – too long to list in this space. The short version is he is a spiritual success teacher with exhaustive connections in the world of Spiritual Abundance.

His connections with some of the world’s top scientists, and world-renown spiritual leaders led to the creation of The Abundance Code to allow others to create a custom path for themselves and experience the joy that now fills his life.

The Abundance Code is the company on the forefront on meditative innovation in the pursuit of abundance.

Through a variety of techniques, combined to give optimal results, The Abundance Code system gives you the convenience of immediate benefits with minimal effort on your part.

Much of The Abundance Code works to put you into a naturally-relaxed state and teaches you how to use this state as an empowered state.

From here you can set, empower, and achieve your goals with ease.

Digging still deeper.

The Abundance Code – Program Components

Core Code to Abundance:

When you get rid of a lack of abundance, you are free to live up to your highest potential. And when you’re free to live that best version of yourself, you can finally enjoy the abundant life of your dreams.

To accomplish this, The Abundance Code is proclaimed as the revolutionary simple 5 step process to attract absolutely anything you desire.

Seven modules make up the core of the program, in which are the 5 key steps plus 2 significant add-on components. All together, the complete program consists of over 8 hours of guided coaching and powerful tools to manifest absolutely anything you desire.

The program touts first results within two days and then leverages that to propel you towards your first major life goal 21 days later.

My Assessment

I probably tipped my hat in the beginning of this review acknowledging that I unashamedly include myself in the number of those “living lives of unfulfilled aspirations”. I still have work to do in that area and can see this program as having beneficial qualities.

What I particularly like About The Abundance Code Program:

  •  Designed for busy people – each module is less than 30 minutes
  • Comes ready to use on your PC or Mac on your iPhone or Android, or you can print it out and read the modules at your leisure.
  • Their staff is available to give you answers, Monday through Friday 9AM-8PM Eastern Time.

Priced at $37.00 and backed with a 60 day money back guarantee…that’s hard to beat.

I’m in.

To begin fulfilling your aspirations and living the abundant life click here to visit the official store

The Abundance Code



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